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Dermalogica:  The moment your skin changed forever

When Dermalogica meets skin, skin health is redefined. Dermalogica is the number one choice of skin care professionals and consumers worldwide. Why? Because for over 25 years, we've been dedicated to delivering skin health results through education, innovation, and professional recommendation, not through sparkly packaging, promises of miracle cures, or overblown hype.

We highly recommend this product range from age 13 to 40+ Dermalogica is great for low level skin issues and excellent for normal/oily and normal dry skin types. Book your skin consultation to get your personal skin care prescription. Call us on 07967 596786.

GloTherapeutic:  Personalised skincare for clinical transformation

GloTherapeutics delivers personalised and professional skincare solutions by incorporating daily regimens with targeted treatments. Utilising innovative technology and cutting edge research, our formulas are designed with potent concentrations of active ingredients to clinically transform the skin.

⚫ Targeted skin solutions

⚫ Paraben free formulas

⚫ Concentrated active ingredients

GloTherapeutics is designed to create change in your skin.

GloMinerals:  Skin nourishing mineral makup that covers, corrects & protects

GloMinerals offers a mineral make-up system uniquely designed for skin-care professionals and their clients. Our award winning makeup formulations deliver unsurpassed coverage, UV and environmental protection and an exceptional spectrum of mineral pigments. Talc-free and non-comedogenic, glo minerals provides the ideal choice for even the most sensitive skin.

⚫ Exceptional coverage that lasts

⚫ Powerful antioxidant blend

⚫ Formulated for sensitive skin

Full range of base, concealer, primer, bronzers, highlighters, shimmers, hydraters, lip and eye colours are in stock.

Endocare CellPro products

With Endocare Snail Biotechnology you can change your skin from the comfort of your home in ways you never thought possible! Endocare CELLPRO™ contains the very latest advancements in Endocare Snail Biotechnology, targeting the signs and causes of skin ageing by working deep within the skin, and also at the skin's surface.

The results: Firmer, tighter and plumper skin with fewer lines and wrinkles, and a brighter more youthful complexion!

It almost sounds too good to be true - but with lots of clinical data and scientific research behind it, you can be confident of the results! Read on to find out exactly how Endocare CELLPRO works.

Clinical trials have demonstrated:

⚫ Decrease in wrinkle depth and extension

⚫ Increase in skin brightness

⚫ Decrease in intensity of dark eye-contour circles

⚫ Increase in production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid

Protocols and results:

⚫ Double-blind, placebo-controlled study

⚫ 10 woman 45-65 years with photoaging

⚫ 3 months application, twice daily

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⚫ 120% increase in Collogen Fibres

⚫ 50% increase in Elastic Fibres

⚫ Visable improvement to Epidermal Structure

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Endocare Tensage products

Endocare's Tensage range targets the effects of ageing deep within the skin to give you outstanding visible and physical results in rejuvenation. The key ingredient is Endocare's SCA Biorepair Technology, a clinically proven complex of snail-derived growth factors, glycosaminoclycans and anti-oxidants produced through a patented technologicalprocess. Applied daily Endocare products have been clinically proven to significantly:

⚫ Reduce lines and wrinkles

⚫ Increase elasticity and tightness

⚫ Enhance texture, tone and luminosity

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Heliocare Sunblocks

Of all the steps in your skin care routine, applying sunscreen before you step out the door is the most important so it makes sense to go for quality, clinically proven and trustworthy formulas that will keep your skin safe in the sun.

Heliocare provides such formulas and is a brand completely dedicated to protecting to the skin from the sun's rays, environmental stressors and free radicals. Every product in the range is developed using mineral and non-mineral filters to prevent UVA and UVB rays wreaking havoc on the tone and underlying structure of the skin. But what makes Heliocare products so special is their innovative ingredient Fernblock™ which is extracted from a particularly clever fern known as Polypodium Leucotomos. Found in Central America, it has developed the amazing ability to protect itself against photo-damage and stress caused by the sun's rays. By harnessing this impressive power, Heliocare products are able to protect human DNA within the cells against destruction which makes maintaining a smooth, plump complexion easy.

Alongside their range of cream, gel and fluid sunscreens, Heliocare offer a range of tinted formulas for those who hate the idea of going bare-faced at the beach. They have also expanded the range to include a concise selection of 360° formulas, which provide the same UVA/UVB and DNA protection as the core products in the range, with the added benefit of being able to block High-Energy Visible Light (HEV) - the type of rays emitted from computer screens and smartphones - as well as defending against Infrared-A Radiation.

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Medik8 is a British skin research company pioneering in cosmeceutical technologies. Our products are suitable for the most sensitive skin without compromising efficacy. Advances in active selection, delivery systems and mild base formulation means you no longer need to compromise.